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We have listed some of the projects we have worked on. This is not at all an exhaustive list, but should give you an idea of some of the things we have done.

Corydon Baptist Church, Corydon IN Corydon Baptist Church - We redesigned and continue to maintain this site. The web site provides information about the local church body, beliefs, and ways to connect and be involved.
First Baptist Church, Newton, NC First Baptist Church Newton - is a Southern Baptist church serving in Newton, NC in Catawba County. They needed a simple site that would be easy to find on the internet and provide basic information about their service times, directions, past sermons.
CCR Events CCR Events - has been bringing audio visual and computer services together for almost two decades. We worked with them to completely redesign their website and develop a custom database driven secure online orderin system.
Keeton Custom Knives

Keeton Custom Knives - Bill Keeton is an experience custom knife maker in Laconia, Indiana. He creates beautiful, hard working knives. We redesigned the look and content of his site.

Marshall Piano Studio - Rosenberg, Texas Marshall Piano Studio - provides Rosenberg, Texas and the surrounding Houston area with piano lessons and pedagogy seminars for piano teachers. Cheryl Marshall needed a website that would allow potential students and piano teachers to learn more about what she offered. She also wanted her website to be useful for her existing students. So we built a password protected that allows the Marshal Piano Studio to keep their "calendar" and "news" items up to date.
Helping Hands Companion Services - Louisville, KY Helping Hands Companion Services - provides Louisville, KY and the surrounding area with in-home companion services for seniors, trauma victims, handicapped persons, or the terminally ill. They needed their site to be completely updated, so we started from scratch with a new look, and added basic information and a simple contact us form.
Mud Pike Baptist Church Mud Pike Baptist Church - is an American Baptist Church in the town of Osgood, Indiana. They needed a site that would be easy to find on the web and let their community know where they were and how to contact them. They also wanted their site to provide basic information about their history, pastor, and provide access to their newsletters. We designed the site from scratch. The header is based on their logo design, which was designed by a separate company.
Karr Team Real Estate - Serving Columbus Ohio Karr Team Real Estate - Karen Karr lists and sells real estate in the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding communities. We created this site based on an template. The site includes content about their team and uses i-frames to allow users to search local MLS listings. The site also includes a simple contact us, email form.
Karr Team Real Estate - Serving Columbus Ohio The Karr Group First, Inc. - This company has temporarily disabled their site. This was a project that we worked on for many years. The initial site design was done by Michael Carter. We designed and developed a database application that ran the site. The Karr Group First provided asset management services to banks through a nationwide group of real estate brokers, agents, and appraisers. Appraisals and BPOs were completed online to create a paperless asset management system. This application was developed using ASP.NET and MS SQLSERVER. This is the mother company of MyHouseAppraisal.
Karr Team Real Estate - Serving Columbus Ohio My House Appraisal - This company has temporarily disabled their site. The initial site design was provided by Michael Carter. We added the content and designed and developed the database application that ran the site, maintained the content, and worked to make the site search engine friendly. MyHouseAppraisal allowed online users to order and pay by credit card for real estate appraisals and BPOs that would then be performed by their nationwide network of vendors. This application was developed using ASP.NET and MS SQLSERVER. This was a daughter company of The Karr Group First.

virtual church office (vco)

This application was originally built for the my church and has grown according to the needs of the churches using it. It is a church management application designed specifically for small churches. It is based on a SQL Server database and technology.

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simple email or database forms
CCR Events - CCR provides presentation technology services to their clients. We created a multi-page order form for one of their clients to use. This form was built using ASP.NET.
Christian City - This organization provides services for children and the elderly in the name of Christ. We developed a simple database application to receive and manage child sponsorship donations using PHP and MYSQL.
HelpMeRhonda - Rhonda is a professional makeup artist and stylist and provides private and production appearance services along with her own line of makeup, skin care, and grooming supplies. We built a simple, email contact us form and an email shopping form for this client using PHP.
Tidmore Studios - Scott Tidmore is a professional photographer. We provided a login screen and an email, order form for his clients to use in selecting which of their photos they would like printed and how they would like those photos printed. This form was created using PHP.
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